Company Information

About IFIS Japan

IFIS Japan has been developing various solutions for document processing and information transmission based on the concept of integrating electronic and paper media.
Financial Information Services, document solutions and creative. Based on these three business areas, we provide solutions that innovate the industry with our rich and creative product lineup.
We are always pursuing new services, content and solutions, continue to take on the challenge of developing and expanding new markets and targets, and aim for further growth.

About IFIS Japan

Corporate Philosophy

We will continue to progress with a spirit of innovation, fairness, initiative and satisfaction.

IFIS Japan will always strive to innovate in technology and marketing, and to ensure complete fairness both inside and outside the company. By taking the initiative to provide financial information services that are ahead of the times, we will improve the satisfaction not only of customers but also among employees, and contribute to the revitalization of the Japanese capital markets.

Four management and action guidelines


Pursuing innovation in ideas, actions and identity. Transforming original ideas so that they are sure to take shape, we create excellent value while committing to the market.


We build the best partnerships by dealing with customers with fairness and openness. We establish a fair and legitimate personnel system within the company. Inside and outside of the company, we realize relationships of strong trust and create a sound organization.


Always taking the initiative in the areas of technology, services and markets, we lead the financial information service industry while providing high added value that is characteristic of IFIS Japan.


Nurturing a spirit of ingenuity and independence, our attitude is to thoroughly and reliably satisfy customers. We aim to create an organization in which the joy of employee self-fulfillment and corporate value increase proportionally.