To Our Shareholders
and Investors

To Our Shareholders and Investors

To Our Shareholders and Investors


CEO Hiroki Osawa

With the keywords of documentation, information and finance, our company has expanded our business by providing original services based on online and paper media. I would like to express my sincere appreciation for the good results of everyone’s support.

Our business focuses on the following:
・Supporting smooth communications between the senders and receivers of investment information, and providing various kinds of data and content, such as IFIS Consensus.
・In our documentation business, providing high-quality and highly flexible services & solutions that combine people and systems from design & typesetting to printing & distribution.
・As for marketing support, providing support for the promotional activities of customers with an approach that includes both electronic and paper media.
We are developing our business in these three areas.

In the future as well, we will continue to listen to customer feedback and strive to improve the service functions that customers seek, while working as a company to develop new markets and establish the IFIS brand. While trying to expand our own content in response to the business environment, we aim to provide a wide range of innovative solution services for industries and individuals other than the financial industry, without holding onto past results.

I look forward to your continued guidance and encouragement in the future.