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Better Understanding, Better Communication

Changing market trends and wholly produce optimized creations


Total support from planning to delivery of goods

IFIS Japan provide total support in a creative sequence from content planning and formulation of concepts to actual production and delivery of printed matter.

Approximately 30 years of industry experience! A professional service and a thorough knowledge of the financial industry

Offer content based on our comprehensive knowledge of the financial industry and our many years of achievements.Also acquire various certifications that match the financial industry’s security levels.

“Ideal” designs are both easy to understand and appeal to the senses

Through designs that are not only accurate and easily conveyed but also leave an impression on the receiver, we offer “just the right” designs to go above and beyond our customers’ needs.


Centered on financial institution customers, IFIS Japan offers various cross-disciplinary creative services based on graphic design, video production, web content, and so forth. Based on partnerships with our customers, we plan mediums and techniques of expression and the like, as well as visualize and verbalize concepts.