Financial Information

Business Overview

Since our founding, we have established our position as a unique financial information vendor by providing both electronic media and paper media services related to securities research reports. After that, we started services in the area of financial documents related to the Companies Act and the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act, such as disclosure by listed companies and investment trusts.
Currently, we are developing business services that provide and process information that covers all information transmission media such as websites, e-mail, fax, video and printing.

Status of Each Business


Business Segment Sales (Thousand Yen) Percentage Breakdown
Financial Information Business 1,443,690 26.0 %
Document Solution Business 1,895,783 34.1 %
Fund Disclosure Business 1,361,122 24.5 %
IT Solution Business 853,786 15.4 %
Total 5,554,381 100.0 %

Percentage Breakdown by Business

Percentage Breakdown by Business

Financial Highlights

Sales (Unit: Thousand Yen)


Ordinary Profit (Unit: Thousand Yen)

Ordinary Profit

Current Net Profit (Unit: Thousand Yen)

Current Net Profit

Total Asset & Net Asset Amounts (Unit: Thousand Yen)

Total Asset & Net Asset Amounts

Net Assets Per Share(Unit: Yen)

Net Assets Per Share

Current Net Profit Per Share (Unit: Yen)

Current Net Profit Per Share

Financial Statements

Change in Key Business Indicators

Unit 29th FY (Consolidated)
28th FY(Consolidated)
27nd FY (Consolidated)
26st FY (Consolidated)
25th FY (Consolidated)
Sales Thousand Yen 5,554,3835,380,7675,280,2445,355,6955,564,131
Ordinary Profit Thousand Yen 703,105834,913749,981700,025864,253
Current Net Profit Thousand Yen 448,645587,314484,877448,994570,086
Capital Stock Thousand Yen 382,510382,510382,510382,510382,510
Total Number of Shares Issued Shares 10,242,00010,242,00010,242,00010,242,00010,242,000
Net Asset Amount Thousand Yen 5,419,8545,160,7664,714,6464,351,7894,075,776
Total Asset Amount Thousand Yen 6,191,8935,967,6085,481,9205,190,9434,904,580
Net Assets Per Share Yen 562.54534.25488450.51421.94
Dividend Per Share Yen 18.518.51513.518.0
Current Net Profit Per Share Yen 46.4960.8050.2046.4859.02
Capital-to-Asset Ratio % 87.586.58683.883.1
Ratio of Profit to Net Worth % 8.511.98.910.714.9
Cash Flow from Operating Activities Thousand Yen 606,403760,789573,207610,648575,379
Cash Flow from Investing Activities Thousand Yen -233,126- 49,647 - 49,520- 42,226- 77,216
Cash Flow from Financing Activities Thousand Yen -193,329- 144,895 - 130,405- 173,874- 77,324
Balance of Cash and Cash Equivalents at the FY End Thousand Yen 5,070,7484,890,8014,324,5553,931,2733,536,725
No. of Employees (Consolidated) People 211204201200195