CEO Message

Continuing to Pursue the Needs of Customers


CEO Hiroki Osawa

IFIS Japan was established in 1995 as an outsourcing company that provided a one-stop process for research reports that securities companies distribute to investors, from printing to enclosing and distributing. Since we are a company that started in a studio apartment, instead of seeking scale, we pursue promptness and excellence in our work, and flexibility to quickly respond to various customer demands. How we can satisfy our customers is always in our minds.

The menu of what we offer has gradually expanded to include such things as prospectus for investment trusts, the design, typesetting, distribution and management of financial documents for life insurance companies, non-life insurance companies and banks, and IR information for listed companies, equity information and bond issuing market news. In particular, “IFIS Consensus”, which analyzes securities research reports based on our know-how, is highly valued by institutional investors as a professional consensus suitable for the Japanese market.

In addition, by extracting data from various financial information that the company has accumulated, and providing content to portal sites and securities companies, individual investors can also use our services. We will also endeavor to make our services available to more customers and partners in multiple markets based on the know-how we have built up about financial documentation that requires high quality.

Our Vision

Seeking Customer Satisfaction that Exceeds Their Expectations

The history of IFIS Japan has overlapped with the period when the Internet has increasingly become an important business tool. The investment information business we have been involved in since our establishment has evolved and developed into a new era of services that seamlessly integrate paper documents and online services. Today, with our main businesses that include the investment information business, document solutions and marketing support, we will continue to respond promptly to the diverse needs of customers and the latest information technology so that we increase customer satisfaction and remain an industry leader.