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Accuracy and Timeliness Distinguish US.

IFIS Japan is one of recognized financial data vendors in Japan.
We provide earnings estimate consensus of each listed company "IFIS Consensus Data" and also "Company Earnings Results & Self-Estimates Data".

The data is deployed at most major investment management and investment banking institutions in Japan and earning reputation by its accuracy, timeliness and calculation design.

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  • IFIS Consensus Data

    IFIS Consensus is an average of analysts' earnings estimates collected from major brokers' research reports. "IFIS Consensus Data" provides average, median, maximum, minimum, standard deviation and number of estimates on 17 data points such as Rating, Target price, Sales, Net profit, EPS etc. Historical data from April 2001 is available.

    Delivery Mechanism: FTP/SFTP, Email, Snowflake

  • Company Earnings Results & Self-Estimates Data

    Our company financial data is based on quarter, midterm, annual results digest (Kessan Tanshin) and self-estimates revision filings published by listed companies in Japan. Our clients specially value our company self-estimates data because the database covers all revision history of the forcast (from August 2002).

    Delivery Mechanism: FTP/SFTP, Email


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