Marketing Support

We provide total support for the marketing activities of customers with designs, sales promotion and
system development.

Not just limited to financial documents, we provide marketing support tailored to customer's needs and targets, such as the design of advertising and sales promotional materials,
sales promotion tool planning and production for video and novelty items, and online content and app development.

With know-how that has gained a high reputation in the financial industry,
we support the marketing activities of customers.

IFIS Japan provides total support, from planning and production of various financial documents, to printing and distribution. With solutions that cover the entire document life cycle, such as document generation & management system development and various kinds of business support, and from design & production, and printing & binding, to enclosing & distribution, we have earned a high reputation from financial institutions such as securities companies, investment trusts, banks and insurance companies.
In addition, utilizing our financial document knowledge and experience that we have cultivated over many years, we develop unique systems and application tools with excellent usability, and we offer financial system solutions that solve various business issues.